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EazyBot is simple, easy-to-use, and pre-programmed with proven trading strategies, allowing everyone — including a complete beginner — to enter the market and trade confidently.


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EazyBot comes with pre-set trading strategies that have been tested by professional traders.


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Finally, A Crypto Trading Bot Made For Regular, Non-Techie People!

There are many crypto trading bots out there. However, they are made for experienced traders and/or tech-savvy people. So, even though they are supposed to make trading easier, the truth is, they are very complicated.

That’s why we made EazyBot; to make crypto trading easy and accessible to everyone. Learn more

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In less than 10 minutes, and no more than 3 simple steps that is all you need to set up and deploy your bots.

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Configure your bots

Configure your bots with the built-in winning strategies or use your own strategies

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Once you’ve deployed your bots, they will trade for you 24/7 using your selected parameter settings. Now, sit back and relax while your AI-Powered bots do the work for you. Learn more

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EazyBot makes crypto trading easy with more consistent results thanks to its pre-programmed tested strategies and the smart AI that does all the trades for you. But that’s not all.

There are so many other great
things that EazyBot can do for you…

Stay In The
Market 24/7

EazyBot will not only do the trading 24/7 for you, but it also scours the market to find new opportunities.

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Trades In Seconds

When your trade is in a winning position, it immediately closes the trade. Then, it instantly opens a new trade when it sees an opportunity!

Save Your Time

For experienced traders, EazyBot can help you enter and exit your trades based on your preference. You won’t need to spend hours looking at signals, entry, and exit points.