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MEGA SIGNAL COPIER Now exists To HELP YOU COPY SIGNALS Automatically & Make 10X PROFITS A huge percentage of traders lose a bunch of opportunities because of the lack of time and automated copy solutions. This is where MEGAFX signal copier comes in handy. Our signal copier can read Telegram messages and later execute them into the MT4 platform in seconds. 


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Download our Mega Signal Copier and The script we’ll provide with it. We’ll provide a manual and videos with proper instructions on how to set up the copier. Then Voila! All the signals of the MegaFX Telegram channel will be copied to your MT4 instantly! If you need help with the software installation megafx support will do it all for you.

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You have complete control over your risk management measures, such as lot size, partial closing percentage, risk percentage per trade, and so on. It sounds so simple, doesn’t it? But this isn’t the only reason to get this incredible solution.

8 Reasons Why Having MEGA Signal Copier is a Much Better Choice…

  • Reason #01: Copy Signals in Seconds: Never miss a single trade action. Connect your trading account with our copier and it will copy all our signals from our Telegram channel in seconds.
  • Reason #02: Never miss any trade update: You can now copy our Currency Pairs, Indices, and Commodities signals more efficiently. With our signal copier, you can follow signal entry, exit, partial close, half-close, change of SL & TP, etc. No outdated trading actions because of real-time execution. 
  • Reason #03: Manage your risks efficiently: You can choose the percentage of account balance you want to risk on per trade with the copier. 
  • Reason #04: Control Lot Sizes for each pair: According to your risk management strategy, you can set different lot sizes for different pairs
  • Reason #05: Efficient Multiple Take Profits: When there are several TPs in a signal, multiple positions are opened for each TP value, and the SL is adjusted accordingly. TP2 and TP3 positions move SL to entry after TP1 hits.
  • Reason #06: Close Partial Profit Easily: Based on signal update and your preset percentage, our copier can close a partial lot of any running trade. It allows you to decide what percentage of your lot you wish to close as a partial profit.
  • Reason #07: ​Minimize risks with trailing stop feature: Trailing stop gives you full control of your trading account. It enables you to handle significant market moves. efficiently.
  • Reason #08: ​Trade Your Preferable Pairs: Choose which pairs you want to trade and which you don’t want to trade.

Still Not Convinced Why You Need MEGA Signal Copier? Picture this:

  • When you try to manually copy trading signals from Telegram to MT4, you will almost certainly wind up wasting a lot of time, which is not a good thing. Our Mega signal copier will help you get out of this and you can save a lot of time by using it because it will handle all of the work for you.
  • You’re trading every day but you’re always struggling to manage your risks. But how can you mitigate it? Our copier comes with a risk management system that offers four risk management solutions to help you lower your trading risk. Multiple TP orders, Move SL to breakeven after TP1, and Custom Trailing Stop are some of the risk management tactics available.
  • You’re trading but you need more guidance for your trades. So who do you reach? No worries! Our dedicated support team is available seven days a week only for you. We will assist you in resolving any query or problem as soon as possible.

This Is Truly A Limited Offer, So Claim Yours Before It’s All Gone…The Most Accurate & Reliable Automated Trading Solution There’s Nothing Else Like This On The Market Right Now.

What You Will Need To Get Started

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Step 4: You Will Need To Create And Fund Your Forex Broker Account. Click Here

Step 5: You will Need A Telegram Account If You Don’t Have One. Click Here