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Why vacation incentives? I’m not in the travel industry.

Perfect! Neither are most of the 5000+ business owners who have given away more than 500,000 vacations through MarketingBoost! The simple fact is that it doesn’t matter what niche you’re in or what you’re selling… people love to travel… and the prospect of a free luxury vacation influences them FAR more than discounts! A study by Oxford Economics showed that people are 3 times more motivated to take action when offered tangible incentives (like travel) than when offered cash incentives (like discounts.)

And when you give your buyers, clients, and repeat customers luxury vacations, you’re not only boosting their desire to buy – you’re creating a permanent positive impression. The Oxford study explains: “It’s just the way our brains work. People are able to remember and visualize tangible items better than cash, and are therefore more actively engaged…” But let’s not just trust our futures to academic studies. Instead, let’s see an example of how vacation incentives motivate buyers in real life:

Sold 12k coaching package with vacation giveaway

Empowering business owners to thrive

ONE 5-night vacation – which cost Eddie Espiritu nothing above his MarketingBoost membership investment, convinced one of his buyers to make a payment of over $8000… more than 30 DAYS EARLY! Join the 5000+ business owners who are enthusiastically giving away MarketingBoost vacation certificates… and dramatically growing their sales and incomes!

Can this really boost my sales by 60% or more, though?

So if I don’t pay for these trips, who does? We do. We work closely with industry insiders who have information not available to the public about unsold premium accommodations at must-see destinations in the U.S. and beyond. We work with providers to secure these unsold rooms as exceptionally low prices. Why? Because property owners know they can recoup their costs with in-house dining and room service, casino earnings, spa services, valet parking, and other add-ons.

This Is A Complete Win-Win For You And The Property Owner

That’s the income they can’t earn if a room is sitting empty. So they’re happy to practically give away their unsold rooms just to bring in revenue! See, in the luxury travel industry, profits don’t come from nightly rates. What that means for you is that you can give your new buyers and best clients unforgettable vacation experiences that they’ll LOVE you for. And that means loyal buyers, referral partners, and brand champions for life. All for an investment that’s probably less than you gave away in discounts last month.

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Who is Marketing Boost for?

We partner with business owners and independent sales professionals in a wide range of industries. Real estate and insurance agents, coaches, marketing agencies, authors, travel agents, and many others delight their prospects, customers, and staff members with our high-value vacation certificates every day. MarketingBoost is NOT a good fit for you if you don’t already have a business that is generating reasonably consistent income, though. The platform is about helping you make more sales and grow customer and employee loyalty – it’s NOT a standalone business opportunity.

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